Al qaeda dating site

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The second dealer told me that he had serviced computers belonging to the Taliban and to Arabs in al-Qaeda.

I forgot about my own computer problems and hired him to search for these computers.

My acquisition of the al-Qaeda computers was unique in the experience of journalists covering radical Islam. A much fuller picture would emerge from the computers I obtained in Kabul (especially the IBM desktop), which had been used by al-Qaeda's leadership.

In the 1990s the police had seized computers used by al-Qaeda members in Kenya and the Philippines, but journalists and historians learned very little about the contents of those computers; only some information from them was released in U. On the night before Kabul fell, Taliban officials were fleeing the city in trucks teetering with their personal effects.

The looter who sold me the computers figured that al-Qaeda had fled as well, so he crawled over a brick wall surrounding the house that served as the group's office. The offices of The Wall Street Journal, just across from the World Trade Center, had been destroyed on 9/11.

Finding nobody inside, he took the two computers, which he had discovered in a room on the building's second floor. Our New York staff, which was working out of a former warehouse in Lower Manhattan, was acutely aware of potential threats; it was carefully screening mail for anthrax.

In the autumn of 2001 I was one of scores of journalists who ventured into northern Afghanistan to write about the U. As I crossed the Hindu Kush to cover the fighting for The Wall Street Journal, my journey took what looked like a fatal turn: the battered black pickup truck I had rented—which in its better years had been a war wagon for Afghan gunmen—lost its brakes as it headed down a steep mountain path, careened along the edge of a gorge, slammed headlong into the back of a Northern Alliance fuel truck that was creeping down the mountain, and slid to rest on its side in the middle of the road.

Only my interpreter, a Russian-speaking Afghan, seemed to be hurt; he clutched his side and said that something had hit him in the ribs.12 trial by more than a month because they say the time’s not right for their client to get a fair listen from jurors.“Starting this case the day after the emotional Sept. Base car bombing “The issue of terrorism was once again thrust into the news with the attacks,” the filing said. One of his co-conspirators has been linked to individuals who were plotting to bomb the New York City subway system. We pounced like so many famished crows on the first Western staples we had seen since leaving home: peanut butter, pasteurized milk, and canned vegetables, all of which we found on Chicken Street, Kabul's version of a shopping district.We raided the houses where Arab members of al-Qaeda had been holed up during their stay in Afghanistan, grabbing whatever documents were left in their file cabinets.

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