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I had tonsillitis a lot as a kid too, pity they didn't take them out then!!

Funny you say that Walorl80 about the mouth ulcers, I have them all the time too.

Even though I thought it was awful I would get it done again in a heat beat Hi, thank you all for the replies and the tips!!

Buttymum, I will definitely follow your tips, thanks a mil.

I've 2 at the moment, really painful hopefully this'll put a stop to them too!! I would add take two weeks off work and or arrange childcare if possible. I suffered with severe tonsillitis for years, was on antibiotics once a month.

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Just remember it's a means to an end and the pain will pass.

Hi, As the title suggests, I'm having a tonsillectomy next month. I'm reading horror stories online.........should stop that really!!!!

Dd had hers out when she was 2 and was totally fine, my GP says it's completely different for an adult!! Thanks I too suffered with severe tonsillitis for years, as a child & teenager was on antibiotics every second or third month, I got mine out when I was 22 best thing I ever did! The pain after the operation is just like a bad case of tonsillitis, Only negative was that I haemorraged afterwards when I was at home and had to call an ambulance, I would wake for month afterwards checking my mouth the metal taste of blood was shocking!! Thanks for replies, seems no one regrets getting them out!!

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