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Far from being a small sedan onto which Audi has simply applied visual juju, the RS3 has a sublime interior, goes like stink, handles superbly, and sounds great doing so. The inline-five is steeped in Audi Sport history like a record producer’s office is steeped in a fine dust of white powder.

For all of you who simply clicked to find out the verdict, there it is. In a world filled with four-cylinder engines boosted to within an inch of their lives, this direct injection turbo five-pot excites the senses with an exhaust note that, at 88-decibels of full throttle, sounds like God’s own bedsheets being torn in half.

Aiding that sub four second sprint to sixty is Audi’s Quattro system, tuned here to work in concert with the 2.5-liter and provide grip like that of a cat on sandpaper.

After all, it’s found in the Golf R and just about every other MQB machine in the performance end of the VW empire, so it would make a hell of a lot more sense on the balance sheet to simply stick it under the RS3’s low slung hood, turn up the wick, and call it a day.

2.5-liter DOHC 20-valve turbocharged and intercooled inline-five (400 hp, 354 lb-ft)Seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, all-wheel drive19 city / 28 hwy / 22 combined (EPA rating, MPG)Base Price: ,875 (U. S.) / ,195 (Canada)(Prices include 5 destination charge in U. and ,095 freight and PDI in Canada) It’s nice to be born into good stock. Not everyone makes the best of the hand they’re dealt.

Having the correct last name or access to a hefty trust fund certainly gives one a leg up on their competition. Plenty of famous sons and daughters have frittered away their chance at greatness assuming they can coast on the accomplishments of their forebears instead of doing, y’know, The newly christened Audi Sport branch of the Haus der Ingolstadt trades upon its 80-year trail of success on motorsport.

One bespectacled youth, driving a late model four-door GTI, all but bowed to me at the gas pumps.

In the VW world, it would seem the RS3 has no peer. The interior does a fine imitation of the R8, with quilted leather seats flared out like a cobra’s hood that grip in all the right places [insert expected juvenile joke here] and a clean dashboard from which all other manufacturers should take note.

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