Dragon ball z episode 122 online dating

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"Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" was motivated largely by the fact that Maude Flanders' voice actress had moved away from California, but the writers found a great storyline to explore in Maude's tragic, T-shirt cannon-induced death.This was the first major tragedy to strike the Flanders clan since Ned's brush with financial ruin in Season 1.

And naturally, it's only a matter of time before Homer and Bart's promise not to embarrass Marge completely falls apart.It upset his comfortable, squeaky-clean world and allowed for an extended character arc to play out over the course of many seasons as Ned adjusted to the single parent lifestyle and started dating again.It was one of several cases where a key twist has given an old character new life on this show.Bart's dreams of playing Fallout Boy were dashed when the role went to Milhouse.For his part, Milhouse wanted no part of the fame, fortune, and constant hassle that come with child stardom.

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