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When we said it was extremely important that none of his characters die, that everything his characters do exactly in respect to what he has written in his book, he reviewed the dialogues of his characters, it was obviously good for him.

We could have tried to do a bit more grand scale, but as fans we think it won’t necessarily be a good option, so…it was not really a frustration for us.

RPS: It must be a hell of a relief to have it finished after three years. We’re really anticipating the release because three years of play, we obviously had lots of testers, play testers.

RPS: How much does what you’ve got now resemble what you started sketching out three years ago?

Sylvain Sechi: Yeah, so that’s why I’m not talking about that.

RPS: You said some of the stuff he’s told you about what’s going to happen in future, obviously I’m not going to ask you for details, I know you can’t say, but while I quite like the books, the sense I got in the last couple was that he was making it up as he went along now.

RPS: You never know, maybe he will reference your characters in a future book. Someone told me he said he will, but he never told me myself.

RPS: He says a lot of things that don’t happen, like ‘The next book will be out in a year’.

RPS: In a way the trouble you’ve got is that your story can’t impact on what’s already happened, so the stuff you’ve made will never be referenced anywhere else and you can’t affect the overall grand picture.Sylvain Sechi: At the very beginning we were going into a bit more open game, a bit less linear, but since we wanted a very very strong story, and also we went into engine limitation, we are using Unreal technology for the game, which is really a game made for linear game, a bit less for Sandbox, which actually was not Sandbox was just a bit more open.So we used a bit the openbox, sandbox aspect to focus more on the story, and I think it was a very good choice because that’s really what the game is about; very very strong story content. Thomas Veauclin: We tried a lot of things at the beginning in the story in the script, and the game is depending on what we would like to tell and to write, we tried a story with only one character, we tried a story with lots of characters, lots of heroes. ’ One thing that was very important to us was to create a new story, we didn’t want to tell a story with high level problem of the king, of the queen, and you’re a nobody.We asked people ‘what do you think would be a good focus for Game of Thrones?’ and everybody had a different answer, and everybody said something very specific like ‘I want to be a Stark and I want to…’ RPS: I just want to slap Joffrey repeatedly… But when we wrote [the story] and we saw the scope, it’s a linear world. RPS: I suppose that might means you’re getting on and off it all the time if you’re going into towns and talking to people. I’m a huge fan of Mount & Blade, really love their horse system, but it works because they have very large environments, and our game…

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