Germany and ru love datings

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Dann werde ich die Sache berprfen und den Link gegebenenfalls entfernen.

Aus zeitlichen Grnden ist es mir nicht mglich, alle Links stndig auf ihre (weiterhin bestehende) Rechtmigkeit zu berprfen.

Appropriate observational evidence must include all relevant data from the Bible and from archaeology, geography, and geology.

Toward satisfying the old-earth geologist, data must be used in a way free of a young-earth perspective.

For Flood geologists, to be shown the relevance of other concerns is not sufficient grounds for rejecting their type of literalism.

Such demonstration indicates for them only how to embellish their interpretation, not proving to undercut it or to require its alteration.

Observational data combined with the paradigm known as Flood geology, also founded on Biblical literalism, yields the conclusion that Noah's Flood deposited over 9000 m of sediments in this region.Therefore, this author for some time looked for a property of the Biblical record which would permit a test of the Flood geology question from within a literal position.A successful test must avoid dependence on either an old-earth or a young-earth geological paradigm, so as to avoid begging one question at hand, because as noted earlier Flood geology depends critically on the premise of a young earth.Recognition of these facts have required young earth creationists to choose between the young earth paradigm and the clear teachings of Genesis 2.When forced to choose between the Bible and the young earth paradigm, young earth ministries reject biblical teaching in favor of their sacrosanct paradigm.

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