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But I cried my eyes soo much but there's a funny scene that was inserted so Im okay with that.. It took me 2 years to decide b4 watching this drama ... Lee Gun's role is definitely romantic despite that he is an aristocrat. I really recommend this drama because it has some moral lesson to learn. and they maintain their 2nd place for rating and they compete with other popular drama like joseon gunman (korean like history drama) ans its okay its love (jo in sung and gong hyo jin).proud that this drama were able to maintain its popularity and they are able pass first place 2 times....this drama get high rating for seoul area... The Philippines here:) This is one of my favorite Romantic Comedy KDrama. In the Chinese version the male lead was such a jerk and liar I could barely stand him. They are known to be the First Romcom Loveteam and successfully gained the highest rating in SK..anyway 2014 is the year of the kdrama loveteam reunion..hahahaha Two things about this drama. Missing this drama so much :'((((((((((((((((((( Love both of the leads, amazing job guys!! The Making of this Romantic Comedy film, genuinely flawless, perfectly set in-tact. I will miss, Dragon (Choi Woo Sik), you were so lovable in this drama. This version I think is better than the original but I did enjoy that too. But i really worry when looking at your tired eyes in Ep14 :((. Jang Hyuk is doing an amazing job with his character, so versatile!!! it gave me so much heart ache and tears while watching... Jang Hyuk you are perfect, the scene when you was driving the car and remembering her and crying this scene made me cry alot, i watched it more than 4 times. it's my first time to watch episodes in any drama still airing more than once. Episode 12 was really sad and I felt really sorry for Kim Mi Young's miscarriage. the actors should have been best in portraying the original plot. I actually am loving this version better than then Taiwanese version. the male and female do an awesome job ^^ i wonder who is going to play Anna? oh and for all those people who think the two actors aren't good in romantic comedies, check out the Korean drama i mentioned above.

and at another Gun' talks about a dream when he met not Mi Young but Jang! It is indeed fate to meet two people who are strangers. As a woman, she has characterized a lovely, kind and considerate person. and for rating..drama was categorise as successful drama.... Awesome actors #Jang Hyuk and #Jang Na Ra Amazing story and direction i truly love the story. Hope Hyuk Nara to have more series and it will surely hit! and FTLY is for the reunion of the Jjang after 12years.. I thought that he reminded me of some actor and I finally figured out that he reminds me a lot of Hugh Grant, in his looks and mannerisms too...maybe a little too much. Gun is so impulsive desirable, toxicating, irristable, charming classy man! To the entire cast, thank you for the wonderful portrayals and energy you put into each character.... I love jung hyuk a lot after watching ths drama.eager to watch next ep. I am from Scotland and have just discovered Korean dramas and I love this one especially all I do is cry nearly every episode, Jang Hyuk is an awesome actor such emotion playing his roles have watched a few of his films and tv shows, he is so handsome, when they cut his hair oh my goodness I didn't think he could look any hotter but he does lol. Just finished watching episode 12, can't stop crying T_____________T One of the best dramas in 2014, so full of emotion and realness. I'm always on tears while watching whether it's from laughing hard or heartache..ailee's "goodbye my love" is really touching my heart really hurts whenever they play it and tears start falling :'(..wellll done!! I love Gun he's very unpredictable and crazy yet he is. I love the relationship the Gun has with Mi Young's mom after all these tears he stay connected without asking questions that song "Unreleased" by Ailee... it has been a long time since any drama get me feeling like this. i like it when the story start - like other korean drama it become more unclear on mid season...... i watch until episode 12 ----- just make me wonder how this drama will end..... Love the transformations especially with Lee Gun's haircut he looks so sexy, but I'm not really feeling Kim Mi Young's red hair but it's whatever. oh and for all those people who think the two actors aren't good in romantic comedies, check out the Korean drama i mentioned above. I just hope the Korean version will do proper justice for the Taiwanese one..

For instance, at some point the Snail tells her mom about Gun's laugh! The atmosphere of love really defines the meaning of true love. they acknowledge their chemistry and work again.... I love Hyuk and Nara you did great job and thanks for inspiring us. One of my fav dramas this year :) I read somewhere that the script writer of this remake really wanted Jang Hyuk to portray Lee Gun..(the character was written base on him).could laugh demonically/pervert/gentleman and weird as him? JH is very popular and an excellent actor in the writer might be a fan of him.. was written also base on JH but for some valid reason, JH drop it before the airing and Hyun Bin got it. He keeps flipping it back in a feminine kind of way which is very off putting. Favorite drama of 2014 so far, Thank You all the staff and cast for the hard work!! Here in California, we currently catching up on episode 7. Miyoung functuated and profoundly glow into blossom red rose petal! I hated to see it end, I only wish the writers would have had more time to develop Daniel Pitt and his missing sister Mi Young and their reunion more....but, with the time constraints I understand it was impossible. I have to say that at the beginning, I didn't wanted to watch this drama.. I hope the writers give me what I wish for the most. Mi young needs to be more assertive in the next episodes and give Gun a bit of a hard time for all the tears she got in the past. =) I love this Drama to die for and now I can compare to the Taiwanese :) The characters are well characterized and Se Ra, i hate her more and more (how the hell you can take advantage of one who has lost his memory) .... Hopefully it turns out cute and funny :) Im more surprised that Choi Jin Hyuk isnt the lead, he looks more like a chaebol to me. I just hope the Korean version will do proper justice for the Taiwanese one.. My Korean favorite drama of all time was "The Successful Story of a Bright girl, and my Taiwanese one was Fated to Love you.. THIS IS AWESOME ^______^ i'm totally looking forward to it. Well, I am actually glad that south korea is actually remaking this drama maybe it will be a thousand times better.

Thirdly, Jang Na-ra allows the viewers to feel every emotion that she is experiencing while playing the character Kim Mi-young--you laugh, cry, and feel her joy and pain---she draws you in. I really hope it's not as bad as the Taiwanese one. I haven't seen ANY of Jang Na Ra's dramas before but her performance is spot on...she's so cute (not the ridiculously annoying kind of cute). Seriously only 2 episodes but can't wait for the next one!!! Jang Hyuk is sexy, funny charming and his usual multi-talented self. Jang Na-Ra looks really pretty and she always has such great style. No matters how many times i wacth,it does'nt make me bore..more i watch the more i love,ma favorite idol jang nara love u...these are the korean drama i really really really love..1-secret love.2-fate to love u.3-gentlemen dignity,4-when a man love.5-the prime minister and i....thanks to korean...whaiting jangnara & janghyuk sarhanghae.. i just please want to know about ost in this drama it was played at the end of ep 8 and played many times it's a man voice sings korean song and it seems sad i looked everywhere but couldn't find it. The main lead guy in the T version was mean and rude to the main lead girl and he started to fall in love with her when she was getting closer to the other guy who was the rival. Those last 8 episodes resulted in sleepless nights after rewatching them over and over again lol..i already say I LOVE THIS DRAMA?!!!!! I laugh so hard of all his all the part he in it...Temporary brother of Mi Young he is funny too handsome and cute so does Gun... I wait for series of 9-20....:) I really love see Jang Hyuk in drama series he is just so so good as an actor and Jang Na Ra char is such naive so so convincing and irritating for being so nice and adding Choi Jin Hyuk daebak --- enough about the stars the drama is worth watching im actually waiting for it every week hope the ratings will ge more higher and good thing that is 20 episodes to watch --- Hwaiting ... The drama scriptwriters must have got inspirations from meeting people from walk of life especially on me2day. I love watching this and I love Jang Hyuk Jang Na-Ra. i think its so much better than the Taiwanese version and i hope its not as sad. ive already watched the taiwanese version and its one of the best taiwanese series that ive watch...i cant wait to watch it!! Hehe this drama is more of an addiction to me i keep re watching it and more so because of the super intense acting by both leads their onscreen chemistry was fantastic but it was their off screen chemistry which sealed the deal for me they are and will be the best couple in kdrama please work together again !!! This is my forst drama that made me cry for every episodes... Wow Nara unnie I been Watching some of our works like.this drama is just different..... I also think Choi Dae Cheal (Director Tak) should have received an ward also. Could not stop watching and really appreciated the superb quality of the production. I love Jang Hyuk i'm madly in love with this drama i don't know reasons but i get so happy while watching it.. In this version the main lead guy is a lot nicer than the main lead guy in the Taiwanese version. I hope the writer can keep it going because, I think this is on it's way to being one of the year's best Rom/Com's, if not THE best. i have only watch 2 episodes but so far its been great and funny. But anyways, I am really looking forward to this drama, I have high expectations, but I'm sure they'll do well. haha This was interesting and wasnt long at all compared to other drama re-makes. I got some but I don't think I got all of them yet? Just start watching this drama & I'm loving it do far!!! I wasn't sure at first if I would like it but then it just accelerated. :) :) I love both of them and I hope they will get back together for acting another film or drama after fated to love you..i loves jang nara and jang hyuk them plays a very nice ... their acting strong I want them to act together again ... it's perfect i love the actors: Jang Hyuk , Jang Na-Ra ...every one in this drama .... The old version it was (Be3399) Not intreseting at All "Old" .... It's my favorite drama am i the only one who is not jumping off my seat for this drama? I mean think of "Secret Garden" as just another rich jerk Chaebol falling for the poor girl.... BUT , the little things , like Joo-Won's monologues about his hand stitched clothes, the gaudy track suits, the sit-up scene, Hyun Bin's performance and ability to make us cry when he was writing her the letter , etc... i love my oppa new hair sad to see all his hair cut off but he still look freaking GOOD!!!! Introduction to the role and played the character very well . they are so good that its difficult to believe that they not together in real life OMG, literally love this drama, I like how you didn't expect if it was gonna be sad or happy throughout the movie, talk about a dramatic rollercoaster. You look very comfortable you and I will always be a BIG FAN of you Can som one out there tell me all the Ost name of this drama for me. KD quality has been declining in the last couple of years so I was very very grateful to find this drama. What im wanting to see is her personality now that is going to be great. we're love this korea drama ( ♥ Fated to love you ♥).

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