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In the prefectural preliminary games, the young athletes compete with their rivals at Shonandai-Sagami, Honmoku-Higashi and Yokohama Gakuen Highs.Will Mizuho compete in the national tournaments and once again confront Narita-Chuo and Meiwadai-Hitac More.Be Here to Love Me (KUMOTA Haruko) The relationship of a foot-fetis More. When he was young, Dandoh lost his mother due to money problems. A small five-year-old girl named Subaru no longer has time for friends and play. Her twin brother Kazuma is dying..gradually forgetting everything. And so the girl visits him every day, talking with him and dancing for him, trying to make him remember her. Encouraged by a friend to join ballet classes, the girl does so and fa More. They’re facing a rematch with a tough group of sixth graders, and if they don’t win this time, then they’ll forfeit their right to the practice field.Luckily, teammate Yohko’s crystal ball shows them that their savoir lives in the mountains that surround their town.The man responsible retired in guilt from being a jockey. Born with a weak body, he has no endurance, speed nor strength and Hiroto wants nothing more than to be a hero.10 years later, Hime is in high school, and she has heard that Arakawa Jin, the son of the man who killed her father, is debuting in the Derby as a jockey. Fate teases him by giving him phenomenal eye sight, which allows him to see well beyond anyone else in sports, but his body is not able to react to any of it. 1) Love mission Tomoe Karuma is an up-and-coming mangaka whose supervisor is Ero Magazine's Tanaka Atsuki.From Yume Dream: Shinobu is a figure skater who loves ice-skating.

― A Place Further Than the Universe delivers an Antarctic twist on high school dramedy.

When Kaoru makes the journey to the mountains, he discovers a young ninja named Kyuma More.

With its long-awaited freshman / student athletes aboard, Mizuho High's basketball team practices with a hope to play in the national tournaments.

In order to tend to his "wounds" Murakami took him home...

Features Akutsu from Seito Kaichou ni Chuukoku More.

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