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Their business took off, but Drew didn't want to give up on his dream of pursuing an acting career.In 2005, Drew decided that his original goal of becoming an actor had been eclipsed by house-flipping — so he flew west to pursue a career in acting while Jonathan ran the real estate and flipping business back in Calgary.Before they became known as the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott made ends meet working as clowns.Faces smeared with blue and red makeup, they did a bunch of birthday party gigs, bringing joy and entertainment to children, according to magazine. previously worked in Las Vegas as a celebrity impersonator, drawing on his resemblance to American Idol's Adam Lambert and the late, great David Bowie as an outlet for his creative energy. D.'s been hosting the network's online, behind-the-scenes coverage of Though they gained their fame as reality television stars, it doesn't mean Drew and Jonathan Scott are willing to do anything to make a buck.I actually have some names that I want—Emma Stone, James Mc Avoy—but we'll see if that works out."5. The brothers started in an improv sketch group and do sketch comedy and stand up.They show off their comedic side in webisodes and bloopers—like this one—on I throw them all over the world for friends, so we will have to do something with Drew.I am thinking the moon," he joked before adding that he plans to call Space X founder Elon Musk to see if he can "rig something up."WATCH: Inside 'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott's Las Vegas Home Full of Amusement Park Perks As for the wedding party, Drew wants Jonathan and their older brother, J. Despite joking that the co-best man gig was a "cop out," Jonathan revealed that he’s also willing to fill the role of wedding singer."I am like a two-for-one [deal]," he quipped.

They're actors, entrepreneurs (their first successful business venture started when they were SEVEN years old), and even romantics at heart.

, their plans for attaining music stardom have ranged from plans to start a boy band, to… Well, despite going into the real estate and reality TV business, they haven't yet given up on their musical dreams.

In late 2015, they released a music video for their country song "Hold On," as The Scott Brothers. Now, if only they could work the bagpipes back into the act…

"Then infuse the two together, and do something like that."But before they make it down the aisle, Jonathan will be planning a "crazy and wild" bachelor party for his twin brother."I am the best bachelor party planner," he proudly says.

"I know that Drew loves extreme stuff, so we will do something very active and crazy and wild."Having thrown pre-wedding bashes before, Jonathan wants his brother's party to be out of this world."I have thrown bachelor parties in Montreal, Las Vegas, in Europe, you name it.

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