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Ninety-five percent of easement disputes can be handled without expensive trials if clients are open to reasonable solutions, are provided with an accurate assessment and understanding of the facts and the law and desire to resolve the issue amicably, bypassing resentment, revenge and the illusion of a 100% victory.

Chuck provides legal counsel in the following areas of real estate law: Chuck encourages clients to save money and time by educating themselves prior to making an appointment with an attorney.

In 2011, CINC was founded on the encouragement of some of the nation’s top brokers and mega-team leaders in order to address a gaping hole in real estate technology.

In a few short years and several thousand clients later, CINC has become the fastest growing real estate technology platform in the industry to date.

The foothills seem to attract individuals who are creative and like their open space.Although things don’t always go as planned, no challenge is ever impossible. Whatever obstacle may come our way, we take it head on and figure out the best way through it.It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being resourceful and coming up with the best solution.Here are eight tips for making a great first impression: When a potential client calls to schedule an appointment, ask a few quick questions that will give you some insights into who they are (e.g., do they have kids, where do they work?) and what their interests may be (any hobbies that would impact their desired location? Ultimately, this will help you prepare for the meeting — such as finding sample properties and locating a few neighborhoods they may be interested in — as well as break the ice and build rapport.

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