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Our law firm is committed to reforming the Redlands Unified School District so that parents can be confident that their children will be protected from abusers," said victims' attorney began her sexual relationship with the victim (John BB Doe), who was 16 years old at the time, in the summer of 2012 and the abuse lasted for a year.As a result of this sexual abuse, Whitehurst became impregnated with victim's child, and gave birth to the child in June of 2013.In addition to engaging in a year-long sexual relationship with a child that resulted in her pregnancy, defendant Whitehurst actually called the principal to excuse the victim's absences while he was attending OBGYN appointments with her.And their worries shouldn't be limited to the messages kids are sending back and forth on their phones.Snapchat, an application for i Phones, i Pads and Android phones, allows subscribers to quickly send photos that quickly expire, increasing the temptation of teens to send embarrassing photos.

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