Sex boot camp

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If someone said 3 years ago our transformation center would get hundreds of people into shape (let alone be fit myself)…I would have thought they were nuts!I myself probably have one of the worst set of genetics that has ever been given to mankind. Come learn what it takes to be a great lover and more! While most campers found this day to be enjoyable, for one pair, it was the hardest task yet. Hmm, they weren't making a lot of progress, it seemed. " ("Take a nap" is their code phrase for "have sex.") With her puppet, she said a lukewarm yes. In other words, it didn't sound all that exciting.

The secret to staying in shape is having a healthy lifestyle, a solid workout regimen, and a positive mindset that does not recognize failure.

Chaos erupts when JWoww’s secret is leaked to the press. Clive leaves Tanisha hanging, while a couple bolts from the mansion.

Puppet therapy turns kinky when the stars get candid and expose their sex lives. Asifa and Bobby's heated fight leads to the biggest exit in Boot Camp history!

Whether you're sexually active, abstinent, or just not sure, find out how to stay safe and healthy.

Joni Frater and Esther Lastique invite you to attend Sex Ed Boot Camp: Take Care of Your Privates!

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