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- Our first demo day is Saturday at 9am at the "new church building" located at 9 Business Park Dr., Branford!

- ENGAGE Praise and Prayer Saturday, 7pm at the Ministry Center (53 School Ground Rd., Branford) - FOOTBALL SUNDAY-Breakfast will be served at 9am (there will also be games, photo stand, corn toss and more). Awesome worship, testimonies from NFL players and a special gospel presentation from one of today's most well known NFL players.

But it was at least fitting that Prince died at home, instead of aboard a jet thousands of feet in the air, or at a hospital across the country from his hometown of Minneapolis.

Built in 1987, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minn., was the artist's safe haven and creative headquarters, where he housed his memorabilia, his studio and a climate-controlled basement vault harboring thousands of hours' worth of unheard recordings.

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As adoring fans flock to Paisley Park to pay tribute to the 57-year-old, the future remains unclear for the vast, 50,000-square-foot compound as his sister Tyka Nelson stands to inherit the studios valued at .7million, according to Fox9.The entire presentation will be hosted by Jim Brown-NFL analyst.- Our annual Super Bowl Party is Sunday night at begins at pm.They are not fit to be in the government of Northern Ireland and it will be over our dead bodies if they ever get there.'He battles with Sinn Fein went back a long way, and he was denied an American visa in the 1970s due to what authorities there called his 'devisive rhetoric', he claimed this ban was due to pressure exerted by Irish American supporters of the political arm of the IRA.When the world found out that Prince had been found dead in the elevator of his Paisley Park compound, the news came as a devastating blow.

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