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He then orders them to make their escape before Garon is alerted to their status.When Garon later orders the Avatar to check a supposedly abandoned Hoshidan fort near the Bottomless Canyon in Chapter 3, Garon offers the assistance of Hans for their mission.

He has also revealed that whenever he was overly pressured in making a public speech, he would pretend that he was speaking in front of a group of rabbits (carrots in the Japanese version) in order to calm himself.

During a battle with Hoshido, Xander's forces were overwhelmed and the two sent Xander away, fending off the enemy so he could retreat; as a result, both were killed in battle.

While retainer-less for some time, he eventually found two new ones.

All that matters are the choices we make—especially the hard ones.” —Xander to the Avatar, Conquest: Chapter 24 Xander (マークス Mākusu, Marks in the Japanese version) is a major playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest and Revelation routes.

To believe that—to see the world in black and white—is missing half the picture.

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