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Now he must decide which play to run: keep this to himself or tell his teacher and possibly cause PCA to lose its championship game.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to have the school sell healthier snacks, Zoey and the girls add veggie bars to the machines, but the results are not what they expected.

Together, they go through life at their Malibu boarding school, meeting new people, experiencing new things, getting in trouble, and having fun. She has to attend an all girls school, and it's unclear if she will return.

The show still goes on with Zoey, Lola, Quinn, Logan, Micheal, Chase and Dustin.

Zoey 101 Zoey 101 is a Nickelodeon original show leaning towards tweens & teens.

It was created by Dan Schneider, and premiered January 9, 2005.

Season 3, Episode 12 CCTV-Y7 Outside, bright and sunny, Chase and Zoey are walking along talking about things that Chase’s room-mates do that are freakier than Quinn.Chase reads the note that his grandfather attached, telling Chase that he used this radio when he was a kid and now Chase can use it.Chase gives the radio to Zoey for five dollars and a taco coupon.Zoey obsesses about the right gift to get him, and when she finds out that his grandma shares his same birthday, she thinks she has it.Logan and Michael try to throw Chase a surprise party.

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